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Speaking Invitations

Thank you for your interest in inviting Fr. Dan to lecture, present a workshop, direct a retreat, or offer a book signing. As you might imagine, he receives a large number of invitations each year for these sorts of activities. While there are few things that Fr. Dan enjoys more than spending time sharing the gift of faith, theological research, and reflections on spirituality with groups large and small, his schedule only allows him to accept a few of the ever-increasing number of speaking invitations received each year.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about inviting Fr. Dan to speak.

Can Fr. Dan give a lecture or speak at my parish, university, or other event?
The short answer is “yes.” However, as mentioned above, due to an already busy speaking schedule combined with academic and ministerial responsibilities, Fr. Dan is limited in the frequency with which he can accept invitations. While retreats and parish missions are more difficult to schedule, lectures and one-time speaking events are generally more easily scheduled, although inquiries should be sent as far in advance of the event as possible to increase the likelihood of his availability.

Does Fr. Dan direct retreats or parish missions?
Again, the short answer is “yes.” Due to the amount of preparatory work necessary for a dynamic, compelling, and insightful retreat or parish mission, as well as the amount of time required for its delivery — usually over several days or even a full week, Fr. Dan is only able to accept very few (usually 2 or 3 max per year) invitations to direct retreats or parish missions. Oftentimes, these are scheduled one, two, or even three years in advance of the event.

How much does it ‘cost’ to have Fr. Dan speak, deliver a workshop, or direct a retreat?
It is the responsibility of the inviting organization, university, or parish to cover all necessary expenses (e.g., transportation, room, board, speaking stipend, etc.). Fr. Dan is a Franciscan friar, which means that he belongs to a Roman Catholic Religious Order and therefore doesn’t personally profit from his speaking engagements, book sales, or speaking or teaching stipends. However, because of the increasing demand on Fr. Dan’s schedule and the amount of work that is required in preparation for such events, some years ago his religious community encouraged Fr. Dan to send a guide for recommended speaking stipends that is available by sending an email to the address on the “Contact” page. This is available to give an overview of the typical donations inviting organizations, universities, and parishes provide in gratitude for the time, energy, and work that goes into these events. 

How are travel plans made once Fr. Dan has agreed to accept our invitation?
Because of the variety of locations — nationally and internationally — that Fr. Dan is invited to visit in order to speak, deliver a workshop, or direct a retreat, a few standard practices are set in place. Fr. Dan will arrange his own transportation to and from the event. If the event is less-than 60 miles from Boston, MA, Fr. Dan will drive to the event and the event organizers will reimburse the travel expenses in terms of mileage. Typically, if the event is more-than 60 miles away, Fr. Dan — or someone he has designated — will book a flight or train ticket and the event organizers will reimburse the travel expenses. As a rule, the earlier one inquires, schedules, and confirms an accepted invitation, the less-expensive transportation costs out of town will be.

What if something comes up and we have to cancel an event for which Fr. Dan has already accepted an invitation?
Although neither event organizers nor speakers like it, event cancellations certainly happen and for a variety of reasons. Unless otherwise noted in advance, it is expected that the event organizers will reimburse Fr. Dan and his community for the travel expenses incurred (e.g., flight or train ticket booked, etc.) in anticipation of the event that was cancelled. Oftentimes these travel plans are non-refundable and that remains the responsibility of the event organizers. Typically, no speaking stipend is expected if the event is cancelled.

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