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Media Appearances

You can find here media appearances, interviews, book reviews, and stories about Fr. Dan and his work.

Articles and Interviews


  1. Merton Scholar to Present 2017 Aquinas Lecture, Workshop,” Intermountain Catholic, Salt Lake City, UT (December 16, 2016)
  2. ‘God is Not Fair’: Author Q&A with Daniel P. Horan, OFM,” America Magazine (November 30, 2016)
  3. Pete Socks, “CBB Interview with Daniel P. Horan,” Patheos (2 February 2015).
  4. Kathleen Naab, “As Thomas Merton Turns 100, a Look at His ‘Franciscan Heart,'” Zenit News Agency (30 January 2015).
  5. Margery Eagan, “Catholic Writer Thomas Merton: Holy and Oh-so-Human,” Crux (7 January 2015).
  6. Dan Morris-Young, “The Legacy of Thomas Merton,” St. Anthony Messenger (January 2015).
  7. Patrick O’Connell, “Wisdom and Discontent,” Sojourners (January 2015).
  8. Conor Farley, “Horan Examines Relationships and ‘Dating God,’ The Heights (February 23, 2014).
  9. Heather Grennan Garyl, “In Their Footsteps: What Women Theologians Have Done for the Church,” U.S. Catholic (January 2013).
  10. Joshua McElwee, “Bringing Prayer Life Down to Reality,” National Catholic Reporter (July 20 – August 2, 2012): 7A.
  11. Carolyn Croke, “Two Friars Ordained Priests,” Be A Franciscan (Summer 2012).
  12. Katherine Long, “This is the Way God is Asking Me to Be in the World,” The Catholic Sun (7 June 2012).
  13. Kara Rose, “A Different Kind of Brother: Franciscan Friars Ordained as Priests in Silver Spring,” Silver Spring Gazette (May 30, 2012).
  14. Beth Griffin, “Young Franciscan Author Says Getting to Know God is Like Dating,” Catholic News Service (April 2, 2012).
  15. Thomas Ryan, “Spirituality and the ‘Millennials,'” Catholic San Francisco (March 13, 2012).
  16. Cassaundra Baber, “‘Dating God’ a Way to Foster Relationship: Former Utican’s Book explores Teachings of St. Francis of Assisi,” Utica Observer-Dispatch (March 7, 2012), 1B, 3B.
  17. Mark Lombard, “Valentine for your God Relationship,” (February 11, 2012)
  18. Joshua McElwee, “On This March for Life Day, A Reasoned Discussion on Abortion,” National Catholic Reporter (January 23, 2012).
  19. Jack Wintz, “St. Francis, The Sultan, and the 10th Anniversary of 9/11,” (August 15, 2011).
  20. Jennifer Scroggins, “Jesus and the US Debt Ceiling,” (August 1, 2011).
  21. Patricia Zapor, “Ayn Rand, Prison Ministry, Daniel Berrigan and Podcasting,” Catholic News Service Blog (June 7, 2011).
  22. Casey Normile, “Siena Fostered Friar’s Vocation,” The Evangelist (June 2, 2011).
  23. DeTurris Poust, “Unlocking the Mystery of Mysticism,” Our Sunday Visitor 99.45 (March 6, 2011). Interview with Dan cited.
  24. Jamie Arpin-Ricci, “Dating God — Dan P. Horan, OFM,” blog (January 31, 2011).
  25. Jennifer Simek, “A Call to Justice: Working With the Poor and Marginalized,” The Promethean 17.3 (October 7, 2010).
  26. Christopher Heffron, “Catholic ‘Millennials’ Find Kindred Spirit in St. Francis: Generation Born Post 1982 are Changing the Face of the Catholic Church,” The Byzantine Catholic World Newspaper 55.13 (September 26, 2010).
  27. Carolyn Croke, “My Vocation Story: Daniel Horan, OFM,” Insight & Wisdom (Spring 2010).
  28. Mark Inman, “A Call From God,” Bonaventure: The Magazine of St. Bonaventure University (Fall/Winter 2009).
  29. Kate Clancy, “Finding God in a Fragmented Society: The Spiritual-but-not-Religious Generation Finds a Kindred Spirit in Thomas Merton,” (13 July 2009).
  30. Cathey Melesky, “Who are the People in your Neighborhood? Meet Dan Horan, OFM!” The Pulse: Newsletter of the Washington Theological Union, vol. 21 (31 March 2008).
  31. Claudia Mauthis, “Called To Serve,” The Catholic Sun vol. 125, no. 33 (October 2006).
  32. Ryane Murnane, “Brother Daniel Horan, OFM: An Inspiration to All,” Blessings (Summer 2006).

Television Appearances and Interviews

  1. Interview on “Currents” on Net NY TV, a cable television news program in NYC (September 30, 2015).
  2. Interview on “This is the Day” on CatholicTV, a cable television program (January 30, 2015).
  3. Interview on “The Young Turks” on Current TV, a cable television news program (February 11, 2013).

Radio Appearances and Interviews

  1. Interview on “Spirit in the Mornings with Gary Zimak,” WISPWCOJ, Philadelphia, PA (January 19, 2017).
  2. Interview on “Man Up with Father Zach Kautzky and Joe Stopulos,” Podcast (January 9, 2017).
  3. Interview on “The BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer,” on SiriusXM Radio (January 3, 2017).
  4. Interview on “The Other 51,” Podcast (January 3, 2017).
  5. Interview on “The Catholic Commute,” Podcast (December 12, 2016).
  6. Interview on “Morning Air,” on Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (November 30, 2016).
  7. Interview on “The Kyle Heimann Show,” Redeemer Radio Fort Wayne/South Bend, Indiana (November 29, 2016).
  8. Interview on “Morning Glory,” on EWTN Radio, nationally syndicated (November 17, 2016).
  9. Interview on “An Engaging Faith with Elizabeth Reardon,” on Breadbox Media Lexington, KY (November 3, 2015).
  10. Interview on “Iowa Catholic Radio Today!” on 1150 AM, 88.5 FM, 94.5 FM Des Moines, IA (October 6, 2015).
  11. Interview on “The BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer,” on SiriusXM Radio (September 24, 2015)
  12. Interview on “Live Hour,” on 1410 WNGL (18 March 2015) [Watch Livestream].
  13. Interview on “Amplify with Fr. Ron Lengwin,” on CBS Radio 1020 KDKA (1 March 2015).
  14. Interview on “The BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer,” on SiriusXM Radio (January 30, 2015).
  15. Interview on “Kresta in the Afternoon,” on Ave Maria Radio (January 29, 2015).
  16. Interview on “America This Week,” on SiriusXM Radio (January 7, 2015).
  17. Interview on “The BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer,” on SiriusXM Radio (October 29, 2014).
  18. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (August 14, 2014).
  19. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (July 24, 2014).
  20. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (July 10, 2014).
  21. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radionationally syndicated (June 26, 2014).
  22. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (May 22, 2014).
  23. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (May 1, 2014).
  24. Interview on “On Call with Wendy Weise,” on Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (April 18, 2014).
  25. Interview on “The BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer,” on SiriusXM Radio (April 14, 2014).
  26. Interview on “The Phoenix Bishop’s Radio Hour,” on 1310 AM and Online (April 14, 2014).
  27. Interview on “Morning Air,” Relevant Radio, nationally syndicated (March 24, 2014).
  28. Interview on “Real Life Radio” on WMJR 1380 AM/94.9 FM and Online (March 11, 2014).
  29. Interview on “The Sacramento Bishop’s Radio Hour” on KYAA and Online (March 7, 2014).
  30. Interview on “The Drew Marshall Show” on WJOY 1250 and Online (December 7, 2013).
  31. Interview on “The TJPodcast” on The Jesuit Post (April 1, 2013).
  32. Interview on “The Busted Halo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer” on SiriusXM Radio (February 12, 2013).
  33. Interview on “Meet the Author” on Radio Maria, an internationally syndicated radio program (December 13, 2012).
  34. Interview on “Believe it or Not with Kate Turkington” on South Africa Radio 702 (October 7, 2012).
  35. Interview on “The Busted Halo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer” on SiriusXM Radio (March 5, 2012).
  36. Interview on “The Catholics Next Door with Greg and Jennifer Willits” on SiriusXM Radio (March 2, 2012).
  37. Interview on “Personally Speaking” on SiriusXM Radio (February 18, 2012).
  38. Interview on “Talk of the City” on WWZN 1510 AM Radio in Boston (June 2009).

Book Reviews

Postmodernity and Univocity: A Critical Account of Radical Orthodoxy and John Duns Scotus (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014)

  1. Scott MacDougall, “Review of Postmodernity and University,” Anglican Theological Review 97 (Spring 2015): 343-345.
  2. Garrett Smith, “Review of Postmodernity and Univocity,” The Smithy (22 January 2015).
  3. Peter J. Leithart, “The Scotus Story,” First Things (19 January 2015).

The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton: A New Look at the Spiritual Inspiration of His Life, Thought, and Writing (Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2014)

  1. Anthony Ciorra, “A (Not So) Secret Son of Francis: Review of The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton,” The Merton Seasonal 40 (Summer 2015): 31-33.
  2. Nicholas Alan, SSF, “Review: The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton,” The Merton Journal (UK) 22 (2015): 39-41.
  3. Pete Socks, “CBB Review: The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton,” (28 January 2015).
  4. Nick Ross, “Best Courageous Books for People of Faith,” (11 December 2014).
  5. Melissa Wuske, “A Review of The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton,” Forward Reviews 18 (Winter 2015), 84-85.
  6. Brian T. Olszewski, “Book Explores Franciscan Connections of Famed Trappist Writer,” Catholic News Service (21 November 2014).
  7. Bill Tammeus, “Some New Books For You,” Faith Matters Blog (18 October 2014).
  8. Pat McNamara, “A Review of Daniel P. Horan, OFM’s ‘The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton,'” McNamara’s Blog on Patheos (8 October 2014).
  9. Maria Hayes, “Dan Horan Writes Book on Thomas Merton,” HNP Today (8 October 2014).
  10. Michelle Wilbert, “Following in the Footsteps of Francis?” Englewood Review of Books (3 October 2014).
  11. Gene Hemrick, “The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton by Daniel P. Horan,” National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood (25 September 2014).
  12. Jon M. Sweeney, “Speed Reading: Three Young American Writers,” The Tablet (30 August 2014): 21.

The Last Words of Jesus: A Meditation on Love and Suffering (Cincinnati: Franciscan Media, 2013)

  1. Paula Scraba, “Book Review: The Last Words of Jesus: A Meditation on Love and Suffering,” The Cord 64 (2014): 193-196.
  2. Caitlyn Scmid, “Book Marks: New Releases on Environmental Advocacy, Parish Management, and the Last Word of Jesus,” US Catholic (April 2014).
  3. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn — “Love and Las Words — A Book Review and Giveaway,” Albany Times Union (April 8, 2014).
  4. Pete Socks, “CBB Review — The Last Words of Jesus,” (March 26, 2014).
  5. Robbie Mackenzie, “Anatasis 2 — Love & Suffering,” (March 6, 2014)
  6. Diane Scharper, “Books for Lent on Francis, Passion,” National Catholic Reporter (Feb 28- March 13, 2014).
  7. Kerry Weber, “New Light on Lent: Books Help Readers See Anew,” Publishers Weekly (Feb 26, 2014).

Francis of Assisi and the Future of Faith: Exploring Franciscan Spirituality and Theology in the Modern World (Phoenix: Tau Publishing, 2012)

  1. Ted Witham, “A Personal Plea for Kinship,” The Third Order, Society of St. Francis (September 30, 2013).
  2. Maria Hayes, “Daniel Horan Releases Third Publications,” HNP Today 46 , no. 24 (November 21, 2012).
  3. Trevor Thompson, “Francis Re-Mixed: A Deeper Look at the Best Books on St. Francis,” Englewood Review of Books (October 17, 2012).

Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis (Cincinnati: Franciscan Media, 2012)

  1. Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis by Daniel P. Horan,” From Librarian to Seminarian (January 6, 2014).
  2. Patricia Kenny, “Book Is a Substantive Guide to Spiritual Growth,” Horizon: Journal of the NRVC (Winter 2013): 38-39.
  3. Katie O’Keefe, “Book Review: ‘Dating God’ by Daniel P. Horan, OFM,” The Backs of People’s Heads and Baby Faces (November 27, 2012).
  4. Paula J. Scraba, “Book Review: Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis,” The Cord 62 (2012): 433-436.
  5. “Dating God. A Book!” (October 11, 2012).
  6. Dutton Kearney, “Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis,” Catholic Library World 83 (September 2012).
  7. Ashley, “Schedule a Date with God,” Gaudium de Veritate (July 31, 2012).
  8. Beth Eberth, “On The Shelf,” Bonaventure: The Magazine of St. Bonaventure University (Summer 2012): 27.
  9. Diane Scharper, “Insights on St. Francis, World Faiths, Poetry, and Laughter,” National Catholic Reporter (July 20 – August 2, 2012): 6A.
  10. Joan Clear, “Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis,” Liguorian 100 (July-August 2012): 38.
  11. Stephen Okey, “Dating and Dating God,” Daily Theology: Faith Seeking Understanding in Daily Life (June 18, 2012).
  12. Dan Brent, “June 2012 Spiritual Book Review,” Church of the Transfiguration (June 2012).
  13. Beth Knobbe, “Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis,” (May 31, 2012).
  14. Jessica Zimanske, “Franciscan Brother: We Need to Date God,” (May 25, 2012).
  15. Susan Stabile, “Dating God,” Creo en Dios (April 17, 2012).
  16. Wendy Healy, “A Modern Take on Growing Closer to God,” Be A Franciscan Newsletter (Spring 2012).
  17. Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, “Book Review,” Spirituality and Practice (February 2012).
  18. Publisher’s Weekly, Religion Review (January 9, 2012)

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