Franciscan Friar

Selected Publications


  1. Postmodernity and Univocity: A Critical Account of Radical Orthodoxy and John Duns Scotus (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014) [Order on] [Order on].
  2. The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton: A New Look at the Spiritual Inspiration of His Life, Thought, and Writing (Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2014). [Order on] [Order on] [Order from the Publisher]
  3. The Last Words of Jesus: A Meditation on Love and Suffering (Cincinnati: Franciscan Media, 2013) [Order on] [Order on]
  4. Francis of Assisi and the Future of Faith: Exploring Franciscan Spirituality and Theology in the Modern World (Phoenix: Tau Publishing, 2012) [Order on] [Order from the Publisher]
  5. Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis (Cincinnati: Franciscan Media, 2012). [Order on] [Order on] [Order from the Publisher]

Independent Monographs and Essay Collections

  1. Spirit and Life: A Franciscan Guide for Spiritual Reflection, co-authored with Julianne E. Wallace (Boston: Koinonia Press, 2013) [Order on] [Order on].
  2. Franciscan Spirituality for the 21st Century: Selected Reflections From the Dating God Blog, Vol. 1 (Boston: Koinonia Press, 2013)  [Order on] [Order on] [Order on]
  3. Franciscan Priesthood: The Possibility of Franciscan Presbyters According to the Rule and Tradition (Boston: Koinonia Press, 2012) [Order on]

Chapters in Books

  1. “Forward,” in Seeking Surrender: How My Friendship with a Trappist Monk Taught Me to Trust and Embrace Life, by Colette Lafia (Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2015) Forthcoming.
  2. “Nativity of the Lord: Day,” “Seventh Sunday of Easter,” and “Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time,” in Sick, And You visited Me: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle B, ed. Jim Knipper (Princeton: Clear Faith Publishing, 2014) Forthcoming.
  3. “Seeing the World as It Really Is: The Prophetic Legacy of Thomas Merton,” in We Are Already One, Thomas Merton’s Message of Hope: Reflections in Honor of His Centenary (1915—2015), ed. Jonathan Montaldo (Louisville: Fons Vitae, 2014) Forthcoming. [Order from the Publisher].
  4. “Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time,” “Fifth Sunday of Easter,” and “Most Holy Trinity,” in Naked, And You Clothed Me: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle A, ed. Jim Knipper (Princeton: Clear Faith Publishing, 2013) Forthcoming.
  5. “Women Religious and Their Compassionate Sign of the Possible: A Personal Reflection,” in Thank You, Sisters: Stories of Women Religious and How They Enrich Our Lives, ed. John Feister (Cincinnati: Franciscan Media, 2012), 81-88[Order on] [Order from the Publisher]
  6. “The Grammar of the Kingdom in a World of Violence: The (Im)possible Poetics of John D. Caputo,” in Violence, Transformation and the Sacred: They Shall Be Called Children of God, eds. Margaret Pfeil and Tobias Winwright (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2012) Forthcoming. [Order on] [Order from the Publisher]
  7. “A Franciscan Millennial and the Memory of 9/11,” in Franciscan Voices of 9/11, edited by John Feister (Cincinnati: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2011).  [Order on]

Articles in Refereed Journals

  1. “Beyond Essentialism and Complementarity: Toward a Theological Anthropology Rooted in Haecceitas,” Theological Studies 75 (March 2104): forthcoming.
  2. “Bonaventure’s Theology of Prophecy in the Legenda Major: Sources and Interpretation,” Antonianum 84 (2014): 39-70.
  3. “A Rahnerian Theological Response to Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age,” New Blackfriars 95 (January 2014): 21-42.
  4. “No Spouse is an Island: Thomas Merton’s Contribution Toward a Contemporary Spirituality of Marriage,” The Merton Annual 25 (2012): 171-196.
  5. “Thomas Merton the ‘Dunce’: Identity, Incarnation and the Not So Subtle Influence of John Duns Scotus,” Cistercian Studies Quarterly 47 (May 2012): 149-175.
  6. “Christocentricity, Unity and Ethics in Bonaventure’s Theology of the Eucharist,” Worship 85 (November 2011): 503-519.
  7. “Digital Natives and the Digital Self: The Wisdom of Thomas Merton for Millennial Spirituality and Self-Understanding,”The Merton Annual 24 (2011): 83-111.
  8. “’Major’ Changes Toward Philosophy and Theology: Interpreting a Recent Trend for Millennials in Catholic Higher Education,” Journal of Catholic Higher Education 30 (Winter 2011): 133-150. [co-authored with Melissa Cidade of Georgetown University].
  9. “How Original Was Scotus on the Incarnation? Reconsidering the History of the Absolute Predestination of Christ in Light of Robert Grosseteste.” The Heythrop Journal 52 (May 2011): 374-391.
  10. “Profit or Prophet? A Franciscan Challenge to Millennials in Higher Education,” The AFCU Journal: A Franciscan Perspective on Higher Education 8 (January 2011): 59-73.
  11. “Striving Toward Authenticity: Merton’s ‘True Self’ and the Millennial Generation’s Search for Identity.” The Merton Annual 23 (2010): 80-89.
  12. “Love Lived in Community: Lumen Gentium no. 13 and the Meaning of Grace in Bonaventure’s De Septem Donis Spiritus Sancti.” The Downside Review 128 (October 2010): 249-268.
  13. “’Those Going Among the Saracens and Other Nonbelievers’: Thomas Merton and Franciscan Interreligious Dialogue,” The Merton Annual 21 (2008): 44-66.

Articles in Other Journals and Periodicals

  1. “Why Merton (Still) Matters: How the Trappist Monk Can Speak to Millennials,” America 211 (January 19-26, 2015).
  2. “The Real ‘Merton’s Heart,’” Bonaventure: The Magazine of St. Bonaventure University (Winter 2014).
  3. “The Intimate Journey of Relationship with God,” C21 Resources Magazine (Fall 2013).
  4. “Saint Francis and Pope Francis: Models of Evangelical Poverty for Young Adults,” Engaging Minds, Hearts, & Hands for Faith 15 (Fall 2013).
  5. “The Unspeakable: The Boston Marathon and the Beginning of Christian Hope,” America 208, no. 17 (May 20, 2013).
  6. “What’s in a Name? The Significance and Challenge of St. Francis for Pope Francis,” America 208, no. 14 (April 29, 2013).
  7. “Finding Francis on Facebook: Franciscan Spirituality and Mission in the Digital Age,” The Cord 62 (July/September 2012).
  8. “Raids on the Impossible: The Poetics of Nonviolence in Merton, Caputo and Hauerwas,” The Merton Seasonal 37 (2012).
  9. “The Possibility of Franciscan Presbyters According to Chapter V of the Regula Bullata: A Reply to Solanus Benfatti,” The Cord 62 (April/June 2012).
  10. “Seeds of De(con)struction: Insights From Thomas Merton for a Postmodern World,” The Merton Seasonal 36 (Winter 2011).
  11. “From Stewardship to Kinship: A Franciscan Theological Grammar of Creation,” The Cord 61 (January/March 2011).
  12. “Sparks of Haecceitas: A Scotist Reading of Thomas Merton,” The Merton Journal 17 (Advent 2010).
  13. “St. Francis and the Millennials: Kindred Spirits,” St. Anthony Messenger 118 (October 2010).
  14. Koinonia and the Church in the Digital Age,” Review for Religious 69 (2010).
  15. “What Does Rome Have to do With Assisi? Benedict XVI’s Recent Addresses on the Franciscan Tradition,” The Cord 60 (July/September 2010).
  16. “Digital Natives and Franciscan Spirituality,” Spiritual Life 56 (Summer 2010).
  17. Il Poverello and Los Pobres: Reading The Sacred Exchange in Light of South American Poverty,” The Cord 60 (January/March 2010).
  18. “Thomas Merton’s Vernacular Franciscan Theology,” The Merton Journal 16 (Advent 2009).
  19. “Identity and Ministerial Cartography: The Impact of Dean Hoge’s Work on a Millennial in Ministry,” Seminary Journal 15 (Winter 2009).
  20. “Revisiting the Incarnation: Why the ‘Franciscan Thesis’ is not So Franciscan and Why it Does not Really Matter,” The Cord 59 (October/December 2009).
  21. “A Franciscan Approach to Ministry,” Review for Religious 68 (April 2009).
  22. “Interpreting Our Vocation 35 Years After Madrid,” The Cord 59 (January/March 2009).
  23. “Embracing Sister Death: The Fraternal Worldview of Francis of Assisi as Source for Christian Eschatological Hope.” The Other Journal 14 (January 2009).
  24. “A Newborn and St. Bonaventure’s The Tree of Life as Incarnational Encounters,” Spiritual Life 54 (Winter 2008).
  25. “The Contemporary Relevance of The Canticle of Exhortation for the Ladies of San Damiano for all Christians,” Spirtu U Hajja 86 (October/December 2008).
  26. “Praying With the Subtle Doctor: Toward A Contemporary Scotistic Spirituality,” The Cord 58 (July/September 2008).
  27. “Light and Love: Robert Grosseteste and John Duns Scotus on the How and Why of Creation,” The Cord 57 (July/September 2007).
  28. “Dating God: A Young Friar’s Experience of Solitude,” America 196 (18 June 2007).

Regular Contributions to Other Publications

  1. “Retribution or Restoration,” Give Us This Day (July 2015).
  2. “Come Holy Spirit,” Give Us This Day (April 2015).
  3. “The Evangelical Qualities of Religious Life: Foolishness,” Messenger of St. Anthony [Italy] (March 2015).
  4. “The Evangelical Qualities of Religious Life: Worldliness,” Messenger of St. Anthony [Italy] (February 2015).
  5. “The Evangelical Qualities of Religious Life: Foolishness,” Messenger of St. Anthony [Italy] (January 2015)
  6. “Hearing the Word, Living the Call,” Messenger of St. Anthony [Italy] (December 2014).
  7. “The Everyday Impossible,” Give Us This Day (December 2014).
  8. “Avoiding Absolutism,” America (November 24, 2014).
  9. “Paradise Lost,” America (October 6, 2014).
  10. “Prophecy and Hypocrisy,” Give Us This Day (Augustin 2014).
  11. “Community of Creation,” America (July 21-28, 2014).
  12. “The Surprising God of Easter,” Give Us This Day (May 2014).
  13. “Friends of Merton,” America (April 28, 2014).
  14. “Thirsting for Lent,” America (March 17, 2014).
  15. “Whose Side Are You On?” Give Us This Day (February 2014).
  16. “Daring Peace,” America (January 20-27).
  17. “Slavery and the Shock of the Old,” America (December 2, 2013).
  18. “Unexpected Generosity,” Give Us This Day (November 2013).
  19. “Lead Us Not Into Clericalism,” America (21 October 2013).
  20. “Faith, Hope, and Zombies,” America (August 12-19, 2013).
  21. “Jesus and a little bit of ‘Irish Guilt,'” Give Us This Day (July 2013).
  22. “Schools for Hire?” America  (May 13, 2013).
  23. “A Fool in the ‘Reign,'” America  (April 1, 2013).
  24. “In Giving We Receive,” Give Us This Day (April 2013).
  25. “Pope Francis on Power, the Poor and All Creation,” The Huffington Post (March 19, 2013).
  26. “What Church Law Says About Papal Resignations,” The Huffington Post (February 11, 2013).
  27. “The Sixth Brother,” Give Us This Day (February 2013).
  28. “The Disturbing Truth about Gun Violence and a Vatican Response,” HNP Today, 47.3 (January 30, 2013).
  29. “St. Francis on Pride, Humility and Creation,” The Huffington Post (January 22, 2013).
  30. “A Franciscan Responds to The New Yorker,” America Magazine Online (January 7, 2013).
  31. “The ‘Feast of Holy Innocents’ Two Weeks After the Newtown Massacre,” The Huffington Post (December 28, 2012).
  32. “Christmas Has Only Just Begun,” The Huffington Post (December 24, 2012).
  33. “An Intimate Connection,” Give Us This Day (December 2012).
  34. “‘Catholic’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does,” The Huffington Post (October 20, 2012).
  35. “Living the ‘Prayer of St. Francis’ with All of Creation,” The Huffington Post (October 4, 2012).
  36. “St. Francis and the Foolishness of God’s Kingdom,” Give Us This Day (October 2012).
  37. “Made and Remade in the Image of God,” Give Us This Day (August 2012).
  38. “Following Francis of Assisi Today: Who Are Our Lepers?” The Christian Century Online (October 4, 2011).
  39. “Do You Recognize the Risen Lord?” The Christian Century Online (April 25, 2011).
  40. “The Problem with ‘My Neighbor,'” The Christian Century Online (March 22, 2011).
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